“This life story book about my mom (who was a cancer warrior) made me learn about her, so much!” – Jerry Y.


You Have Questions? We’ve Answers

We believe in keeping things transparent. Hence, we’ve answered your queries in advance. However, if you still don’t find what you are looking for, reach out now.

Our packages start from £ 6000 only. However, mentioning a certain price is never possible because the final quote depends upon the client’s requirements, the delivery urgency, complexity and other factors. To get an exact price quote, share your requirements with us.

Yes, we can. Although our services are solely focused on writing life stories for clients, we can still help you with publishing and printing part. We work with publishing and printing experts as well to deal with such requirements. So if you need help with them, you can let us know.

It is highly recommended to share the entire life history, so we can achieve the best outcome possible. However, if there’s any life event that might trigger emotional trauma, or which is very personal and you don’t wish to share, then you can skip that one event. Your book will be prepared without it.

No. We can do it chapter by chapter. However, payment is always taken in advance. This is because at times customers refuse to pay and the effort and time are wasted, resulting in our loss. Hence, we accept chapter-by-chapter payments. But – price quotes for lump sum payments are usually affordable.

No. We keep no share from the ownership or royalties. Once we have received the entire payment, we give the royalties to the customers. If they decide to sell their books, we’ll claim no share of the profits. You will be the only owner of the book and it will always belong to you. Plus, our service is highly confidential.

It totally depends. Usually, it can take up to 3 weeks, but the span varies depending upon several factors, especially the length of the content. But if you are in a hurry and need your book urgently, you can let our support team know. They will look into it and try to deliver your order timely.

Yes, we allow to add pictures in the book, in fact, it is highly recommended to add pictures as visuals play a key role in making the book more appealing. You can send us the pictures and we’ll add them to your book. But make sure the pictures are of high quality and aren’t blurred/pixelated.


Have some more queries? We are never hesitant to resolve your doubts! Our support time is online 24/7 to help you with your questions. Reach us out and we’ll make sure to resolve your doubts in no time.